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Over the years we’ve learnt how much buildings can benefit from an ongoing set of adjustments, preventing companies from extra costs and time wasting. As maintenance works are key investments to any business, choose what you suit best between our short, medium or long site maintenance care plan. Avanspace customer support is available 24/7 through freephone number for quick help.

Benefits for your community

Quick and cost-effective service

The ability to carry out maintenance and repair works quickly ensures that all activities inside a store or an office keep on running smoothly, with no damage to customers or employees.

Report and risk monitoring

Systematic inspections to collect data and measure equipment, machine, or asset improve safety and quality conditions while avoid unexpected failures and calls for high-priced breakdown maintenance.

Qualified support and subcontractors

Extensive hands-on experience and professional attitude make our subcontractors reliable and dedicated partners. We hired support internal managers with deep knowledge of the sector assigned to deliver a tailor-made service.

What we do

Preventive Maintenance

In a preventive maintenance program we carry out timely and routine repairs, with the advantage of increasing equipment lifetime and plant safety, optimizing spare parts handling, and reducing costs.

Corrective maintenance

In case of a breakdown, our support team calls for extraordinary maintenance works to quickly identify and fix the problem.

Small repairs and finishing

All the small and minor works that help your commercial space live longer. Painting, repairing flooring, minor works on plumbing, electrical, and air-conditioning and heating systems.

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