Getting you stick to your goals through space renovation.

We are all looking for a little inspiration when it comes to search for new opportunities. Sometimes remodeling is what you need to refresh your business and go back making an impact on your audience. Interiors renovating is our special service to fine-tune commercial spaces according to updated values and goals.

Benefits for your community

Going Sustainable

Embracing a sustainable refurbishment of existing commercial buildings makes your green efforts true to your customers and employees. Green renovation projets by Avanspace are designed to achieve concrete results rather than just provide benefits to your image.

Team morale booster

How to reduce negative impacts of change both during and after works? Engaging employees or building-users in general in the refurbishment process helps meet the real needs and create a sense of ownership of the space. Ultimately, it keeps up your team’s morale.

Improving well-being

Turning a commercial space into a modern environment should comprehend a set of adjustments for disabled people in order to remove the barriers people face because of their disability. Making doorways wider, providing ramps and stairway lifts or clearer signs are some of the positive steps for an equal access to a building.

What we do


By conducting a space-use analysis we determine whether the existing space meet the needs and expectations of the occupiers, highlighting what functions and what needs to change.

Renovation & Finishing

Change of use, energy efficient refurbishment, layout renovation, finishes and remodeling are among our services. Strong expertise in refurbishment of occupied buildings, which demand for health and safety higher standards during construction activities along with making sure that our clients can work seamlessly.

Contracting Services

Avanspace general contractor managers work as one-point responsibility for materials, workmanship, scheduling, and budget controls. We provide ongoing site supervision to ensure quality, health and safety.

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