Setting the best concept strategy to enhance the value of your commercial space.

Our concept strategy experts foster the creation of appealing displays through the conception of amazing shopping experiences and more productive workplaces. Starting with a detailed business analysis focused on a company’s specific needs, they indentify weaknesses and strenghts and find the right way to direct current market trends or attitudes of a specific target.

Benefits for your community

Unique experience

We all ask for unforgettable shopping experiences or pleasant workplaces. Whether a store, an office or a logistics centre, space planning is aimed to exceed people’s expectations.

Brand story

Layout concept is a powerful tool to visualise your brand story to make your target people enjoy your values.


Humans are, by nature, very visual beings. As 30% of our brains are engaged in the task of processing visual information, layout design is the most compelling way to keep us shopping and being more productive at work.

What we do

Interior concept

Sketching interiors concepts according to data and business segment techiniques, including visual merchandising for retailers and holistic workplace design approach to office space planning.

Technical feasibility studies

We provide a full feasibility report with provisional budgeting included to evaluate the project’s potential success through costs and resources needed. Legal advisory is part of the job.

Plan conception and adaptation

Engeneering solutions and setting adjustments to ensure the technical feasibility of any conception plan.

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