Our road to progress


Construction activities are among the major sources of waste in Europe and across the world, resulting in a huge impact on environment. As climate change consequences are getting more and more serious, observing sustainable construction regulations has seemed just not enough to our team. In every aspect of our job, we strongly desire to exceed people’s expectations. Going green makes no exception. For this reason we decided to take action and be sustainable driver in our sector.

A total commitment. A big challenge.


We foster the use of green materials which are natural, durable, recycled, recyclable and non-toxic. Wood, glass and sustainable concrete just to name a few. Over the last few years resource-efficient manufacturing processes, including reducing energy consumption and minimizing waste, along with using local raw materials to reduce CO2 have also been encouraged. Recently we’ve developed an internal rating system to check on suppliers’ environmental procedures and responsibility.


When dealing with a construction project, sustainability means keeping all people safe and healthy during site operations, from workers to client’s employees. We do a lot in terms of prevention and risk management. Special attention is given on fair compensation, adequate benefits, safety and gender equality. We strongly believe that occupational health and environmental wellness can benefit each other by working collaboratively.


We thrive for that kind of innovation that takes inspiration from real people and works within market and technological constraints to make every touch-point as an opportunity to amaze, delight and deliver benefits to users. Consequently, today people’s increasing demand for eco-friendly buildings has pushed us into use new technologies designed for greener structures. 


A strong focus on quality is natural for all our employees in performing their daily work. Constant monitoring on-site ensures safety during and after construction activities and prevents from delays and extra costs. As a result, quality has become a way of life for our company, eventually becoming the powerful mean for building a trustful relationship with clients and their employees, with partners and suppliers. 

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